About Us

Hi! Welcome! Glad you found us!!

It has been a journey for sure. We started as a small online store called Nani ke Ola Scrapbooking. I sold scrapbook and mixed media supplies.
Covid happened, and I found a new hobby!! Laser engraving! As the world struggled to get back to normal, I ventured into markets and loved it! I had the chance to meet some fabulous people, do custom orders, dress in costumes, and much more. 
2023 involved a discussion- We can keep growing, or I can stay the same. So of course we decided to grow.
For years I have wanted to open my own store. Create an inclusive place where people feel welcome, hang out and create. Art is therapeutic, being in a supportive community makes us feel good about ourselves.

Crafty AF is our first location. A combination of my experiences. A place to support other local businesses, a place for people to come and hang out when they don't want to go home quite yet.

Welcome, and hopefully you find your people here. Check out our workshops, or just come in and hang out during open studio time. Say hi to me or one of our vendors when we are at a market.