Denim Jacket Painting - Owens Beach Theme

Join Jenn Parretta and paint a beach theme on your Denim jacket


$60.00 per person



About this experience

Update your old school Denim jacket with some art! 
Jenn came to our store back in February when we participated in the Tacoma Art Bus tour. One of her items that she brought in was her two denim jackets that she had painted and attached patches to. 
These jackets got so much attention we decided to do a class! 

You will need to bring your own Denim Jacket. If you dont have one, head to the local thrift store and find one. 
I also think a cute skirt or overalls would be fun too. 
Make sure your denim clothing has a good spot to paint on. The panel should be at least 6x9 or so. Denim jackets vary so much so make sure you choose wisely. 

Jenn will lead us in painting Owens Beach, a popular spot here in Washington. A great beach scene is always gorgeous.