Double Sided Porch leaner

Create your own double sided porch leaner - fall on one side, Christmas on the other!


$85.00 per person



About this experience

Your home decor is unique, your porch decor is unique, why not create a porch leaner that reflects you!! 

My holiday porch leaners have always been a great seller, and now I am bringing it to a workshop

Measures 5 feet tall 

Choose 2 from the several choices listed, some prefer fall, others prefer Halloween for one side, then a Christmas theme for the other side. 
The boards will be prepped and ready, when you arrive we will stain our boards. Several colors of stain will be available. 
The fun part - the elements of your porch leaner are laser cut. We will paint, then attach to our porch leaner. 

**This workshop has limited spaces due to the space required for a porch leaner. This workshop can be messy - please wear clothes that you dont mind getting paint or stain on. Stain, well, stains clothes. We do have aprons for you to wear.