Engraving Stanley Reservations

Reserve a spot to engrave your personal tumbler


$10.00 per person


9h  –  11h

About this experience


This is to reserve a spot to engrave your personal tumbler - Stanley or other tumblers. 

How it works 
Eric will engrave the tumblers over the weekend while he is at the shop. Tumblers will need to be dropped off before Friday at the store. We will ask for your name, and email or phone number to let you know when your tumbler is ready to be picked up. You will be notified before Sunday at 5pm to pick up your tumbler. You can pick up anytime the following Tuesday at the store. 
We do not need your lid or straw, you can keep those with you. 

Crafty AF 
10406 Pacific Ave S, Tacoma WA 98444
Tuesday - Saturday 10a - 6pm 
Sunday 10-5pm 

EMAIL  - Eric.mileli@gmail.com 
Subject Line - Your name 
Information - Link and photo to the engraving file you want on your tumbler.
You can find some on Etsy. 
Some of our favorites on Etsy are 
Forging Flamingos 

Send us the image, we most likely have it already. You dont need to buy the file unless we ask you to. 
Price starts at $45  - and can increase if you want personalization. 

This reservation is for $10, and will go towards your final cost. 

Please note - We will do our best with your tumbler. As with all things, machines can glitch or go wonky. Engraving your tumbler is at your risk. We will take all reasonable measures to keep your cup safe!!! 

Hand wash with hot, soapy water and towel dry immediately. Put in dishwasher at your own risk. Engraving does void the cup warranty but should not alter its ability to keep drinks cold and hot. I am not responsible for manufacturing issues on this cup.