Set of 5 Halloween Houses

Set of 5 buildings - paint it creepy and ready to place on your shelf next to the candy


$55.00 per person



About this experience

This workshop we will be painting 5 buildings - three houses, a tree, and a cemetary. All of these sitting on a base create the perfect halloween decor for your shelf. 
I like to leave mine by the Candy bowl at the entry way. 

These measure about 18 inches long on the base, and about 6 inches high. 

We will be going over different techniques such as distressing and blending to help create the perfect amount of creepiness. 

This class may take a bit longer, as there are a lot of pieces to paint and assemble. If you are not able to stay late, you are welcome to return another time to finish your project.

Clothing - We will supply aprons and gloves, but please wear clothing that you do not mind getting dirty, just in case.
To respect everyone, please arrive 15 min early to get your seat and settle in.

No refunds will be given, we work hard to prep all the materials ahead of time. We can create a kit that you can pick up at a later time or paint in the store at a more convenient time.