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Velaris ACOTAR engraved rainbow 40oz tumbler Maas

Velaris ACOTAR engraved rainbow 40oz tumbler Maas

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Show off your love for the Fae world, and bat boys with this tumbler. This is a custom design, laser engraved tumbler. Sip in style and show your fae fandom with this custom designed and laser engraved tumbler - perfect for any bat boys (or gals) out there!

Precision laser engraving for a durable and elegant finish. 🔍✨ This is not a decal or image that can be taken off.

Please note that this is not the big brand tumbler name. This is a generic brand tumbler. The size and hot/cold is the same as the big name tumbler. Accessories all fit the same. The advantage to this generic name tumbler is the rainbow colors that are featured in this tumbler.

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